Some photos  of the wildlife we see here at Raven Pointe.  May through September brings black bear.  This region has one of the highest concentrations of black bear population in the country.  During this same time we see herds of elk migrating through the area.  Some herds we’ve seen have had up to 40 elk.  Mule deer are plentiful year round.  There are red fox, grey fox, coyotes, wild turkey, chipmunks and most impressive and rare to capture a sighting, mountain lions!  

We startled this herd of elk on our walk one morning.

These three elk cows and two calfs resting in the heat.  Calves are hiding behind their moms.

Picture is grainy but it was clearly on the front porch. 

This mom and cub were outside the bedroom window.

Little cub was spooked by something in the woods.  As it turned out is was his sibling!

This guy was in the front yard and ran when we stepped outside to go someplace.  

Two mountain lions caught on the barn camera.  You can barely see the second one coming out of the dark. 

The second lion was a little smaller indicating this could be a male female pair.  

A cute little Red Fox 

This little Grey Fox walked up, sat down and watched the cul-de-sac and then hopped along its merry way!