We Love Bisbee!  It is one of the best kept secrets in Arizona or at least it was.  Everything is normal in Bisbee.  There is no good one or bad one, right one or wrong one.  Everybody just fits in.  We like to frequent Cafe Roka when we can get a reservation and the best breakfast in the world is Bisbee Breakfast Club.  Not to slight all the other great spots where you can catch a bite in town.  We enjoy the quirky little antique stores, wonderful art galleries, interesting decorations, and we even took the Queen Mine tour 1500 feet into the ground!  That was exciting and cool!  We’ve yet to try the hatchet throwing venue but it seems it would be a good way to work out some frustration!  The pups love Bisbee too.  Lots of fun roadways to walk on as we take in the mining era architecture.