Coke   Chewbacca   Chase  and  James

Two fellas accompanied by their faithful dogs, one year old Chewbacca, and nine year old Chase.  Coke and James met in Dallas 35+ years ago and upon retirement decided to putt about the country in a van and see the things we’ve always read about and wanted to see.  We found that and even more.  Soon we traded the versatility of the van for a travel trailer and a truck.  This way  we could go back and stay a few days to re-visit some of the locales that warranted further exploration.  The four of us now live  on 36 acres in Southern Colorado in a small town that has more energy and charm than anyone can imagine.  For the first time we have a social life with interesting people from all aspects of life.  When we need a change of pace, we take trips to the mountains and the deserts and the oceans and the rivers with our RV.    Living in Colorado has made this easier for recreation is all around us.