Coke   Chewbacca   Chase  and  James

Two fellas accompanied by their faithful dogs, two year old Chewbacca, and nine year old Chase.  Coke and James met in Dallas 35+ years ago while working for the local electric utility on the 23rd floor of the Southland Life Building.  From there they went into real estate and banking.  When they retired, they decided to putt about the country in a van and see the things they’ve always read about and wanted to see.  They found all that and even more.  Soon they traded the versatility of the van for a travel trailer and a truck so they could go back and spend more time re-visiting some of the places that warranted further exploration.  The four of them now live  on 35 acres in Southern Colorado in a small town that has more energy, charm, and acceptance than anyone can imagine.  Here they found a social life with interesting people from all aspects of life.  In their spare time they take trips to the mountains and the deserts and the oceans and the rivers with their RV in tow.    Southern Colorado is the perfect home base as in-state recreation destinations surround them in any direction.   In our travels we meet very interesting people who are out there enjoying life just as we are.  

The day we found Chase at the animal shelter

We soon discovered Chase was smart

A camping trip to the San Juan Mountains

The day we picked up Chewbacca

You didn’t see the “do not disturb sign”?

Chewbacca at 8 months old

James as a pup

Coke as a pup